Garage Doors 911 Services

We service all brands of garage doors and automatic openers: from a broken spring, broken cables to damaged panels. We specialize in residential and commercial.

Door Preview

If you’re looking to replace your garage door, we can take a picture of your house or commercial project and insert any garage door you might want into the picture. This way, you get to see what your house or project might look like with the new addition before making an important investment.

Prompt Service

Whether it’s a busy residence or a large commercial building, we know you’ve got a lot going on. When we come to you, we do our best to make sure that service is prompt and convenient. On any emergency we make every effort to come as quickly as possible. When we do find something that needs repair, we pride ourselves on quick turnaround.

Maintenance Checks

Garage Door 911 is diligent about serving you, and can provide yearly maintenance checks for a small fee. These maintenance checks are important for the health of your garage door. They restore and maintain everything from the longevity of the moving parts to the quality of the seal between door and house.

On your maintenance check, a representative will make sure that your door is sufficiently lubricated and the safety features are working properly.

This simple task goes so far to prolong the life of the door and opener that we make it a top priority for our customers. We like to think we take as much pride in the care and maintenance of your equipment as you do.


All doors and openers come with a manufacturer’s warranty.